CICS links with Research Centers on Bases of Human Behavior 2017 [Nota]

The II Workshop organized by the Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS), the Laboratory of Evolution and Interpersonal Relations (LERI) and the Center for Advanced Studies (CEA), deepened the study of the construction of social relations from psychology, neurosciences and tools traditionally used in economics. Foto: Centro de Investigación en Complejidad Social “Let’s be bilingual […]

Using an evolutionary perspective to understand the relationship between physical aggression and academic performance in late adolescents

ABSTRACT In this study, we applied an evolutionary perspective to analyze the rela- tionship between aggressiveness, academic performance, and sociality in a population of 528 adolescents of both sexes. In men, we expect physical aggression (PA) and sociality to be negative predictors of academic perfor- mance. However, in women, PA would be a negative predictor […]

This first semester of 2017 begins to execute two FONDECYT projects

The initiatives are a postdoctoral project awarded by Dr. Paula Pávez as principal investigator, and sponsored by Dr. José Antonio Muñoz Reyes, and a regular Fondecyt project, awarded by Dr. José Antonio Muñoz Reyes. The university has already begun to plan laboratory reform. A good first semester starts for the LABCAH research team. As part […]